Annual Report production

BG Publishers will help you edit, design, index, print and table your Government Department’s Annual Report.  As digital specialists, we will deliver web accessible publications.

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eBooks creation

We have more than 15 years experience as ebook specialists. We produce HTML and PDF for the web; Yes we can! ePub for iPad and iTunes, and Mobi for Kindle. If you need your documents digitised then talk to us.

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Strategy and training

As digital specialists we advise and provide training Yes we can! . We deliver short courses on digital publications, ePub and iBooks. We specialise in multi-channel publishing to iBooks and Kindle.

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BG Publishers: Australia’s #1 digital publisher. Annual Reports & eBooks specialists.

Trusted by the Australian Government that's right! , small business and authors! Simply put, you will not find a better digital publisher We Love Our Users! in Australia.

Bobby Graham has a multi-decade knowledge of and passion for digital publishing. Bobby’s first-hand experience ensures that she knows the many facets of this still new frontier, and has proven to many clients that she can successfully help them to navigate their way to new media without compromising the old. For each project Bobby will assemble and manage a team of suitably qualified professionals. In addition, Bobby’s ethics and sound communication skills mean that I strongly recommend her to any client requiring assistance.
Sam Holden, Former General Manager, CanPrint Communications

How we work with you

BG Publishers is a Canberra digital consultancy Australia's #1 Digital Publisher that specialises in HTML, ePUB and PDF publishing. We make your Annual Report and other significant publications web accessible. Accessible & Responsive We work with you to publish your digital publications on your iPad, iPhone and Android device. it's what everyone's using!
  • We help your clients find your digital Annual Report and other significant publications online.
  • We increase readers of your digital Annual Report and other significant publications on iPad, iPhone and Android device.
  • We make your Annual Report and other significant publications web accessible and WCAG2.0 compliant.
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